Bonjour and Bienvenue!  I am Liam and this is my regional food blog specializing in the cuisine of my homeland, Normandy, France.  I was born in Paris but now live in Manahattan with my wife and daughter.  All the rest of my kin live in Normandy Basse.  I am the first professional chef in my family but I come from a long tradition of cooking.  In the above photo my grandfather, Fernand, is the little boy sitting second from the right. His family owned and operated a small epicerie in Valognes, Normandy.  This blog is dedicated to his and my grandmothers memory.


This is my grandfather all grown up.  He was quite a mysterious figure to me.  I was fascinated by him as he was a fascinating man.  He had rituals, you see…  He always wore a beret – as a child, I nicknamed him ‘Papapeau’ as in ‘papa’ and ‘chapeau’, which means hat.  He smoked three cigarettes a day, and only three – one after each meal.  He hand rolled them himself and kept them in a tin in the pantry.  Every morning he would drink a big bowl of café au lait and would soak the ‘mit’ of day old baguettes in his coffee.  He enjoyed watching “Chiffres et les Lettres”, a terribly boring french gameshow, at least boring to a young boy.  I don’t know where or when he formed his signature habits but for all his seeming rigidity, he was a perfect Papapeau and I loved him.


Here he is with my grandmother, Claude, and without a hat for once. 


This is an actual Cord’homme label with the family logo at the top.  That’s it for your Cord’homme primer.

 – Maintenant manger!


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