Spring Cassis

kir 006Spring is here and so are kirs! Whenever it starts to get warm my wife and I like to drink rosee wines or kirs. Kirs are a white wine cocktail made with one measure of Creme De Cassis and white wine. (1 part creme de cassis & 9 parts wine.) Creme de Cassis is an alcoholic liqueur made from blackcurrants. There are many different types of kirs including two from Normandy (Kir Normand &  Cidre Royale which are both made from hard cider except the Royale has a measure of Calvados added.) but the two most popular are the regular Kir (made with white wine) and the Kir Royale, made with champagne.


kir 005Do yourself a favor if you buy some make sure it’s from Dijon, France. I made the unfortunate decision to buy a domestic brand once and it tasted more like Dimetapp cough syrup than something you would consider toasting with.

I decided to try adding some to my vodka tonic tonight which I think is a new creation, my wife disagrees. Well, in case it is a new creation I’m going to call it the Cord’homme. If it isn’t, oh well, that doesn’t stop it from being tasty!

kir 008

When I was a kid my mother would wash out the old Bonne Maman jam jars and we would use them as beverage glasses. Ever since then I love drinking out of jars. This is a ball glass jar. I always gravitate towards it if I see it in the cupboard. It just feels like home.

I also remember in the summertimes my parents would drink these fantastic looking Gin & Tonics with fresh mint leaves and a wedge of lemon. They had these awesome looking glasses that resembled medievel goblets except these were made of glass. I’m going to try and track some down. I think they have a few left at their house in Normandy.

kir 011  


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