• REGION- Basse-Normandie
  • TOWN– Camembert
  • MILK TYPE- Cow
  • WEIGHT- 250 gr
  • affinage- 22 days minimum
  • FAT CONTENT- %45

The AOC variety is made from raw milk however many producers use pasteurized milk for safety and or compliance measures.



“The Appellations”

  • Camambert de Normandie” These are the AOC/AOP. Are made in Normandy with milk from Normande cows.

  • “Camembert fabriqué en Normandie” The Cheese is made in Normandy but the milk can come from anywhere.

  • Camembert” Can be made anywhere from any cow milk. Don’t recommend this.

What to drink with a Camembert?

A cider AOC de Normandie, a Calvados or a light red wine.


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